MCR3U5: Week 13


Class webinar at 10:30!  

Check your board email to join.

1) Monday May 11th at 11:30 there will be a 7 question quiz posted on Edsby on Primary and Reciprocal Rations Co-terminal and Related Angles (today’s lessons).  Please log into our webinar at 10:30 on May 7th.  I will answer any questions that may have come up over the week, teach our new lessons and then at 11:30 everyone will go to Edsby complete the quiz and return to the teams meeting for a new lesson.

2) Today’s lessons and corresponding HW

Sine and Cosine Law

Filled in

Do pg. 221 #9-12 

     Pg. 246 #1ac, 8ac

     Pg. 237 #1b, 2b

Ambiguous Case

Filled in

Do pg. 255 #6-8, 12, 16a

     pg. 246 #1bd, 8eg, 9-11

     Pg. 237 #3c


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