MHF 4U: Week 9


Class webinar at 10:30!  

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1) Check in.  How is everyone doing with the work I posted over the last 2 weeks? Rational Functions Continued

Filled in


Solving Rational Equations

filled in

Curve Sketching Practice

Solving Rational Inequalities

Filled in

Do pg 183-184 #1 - 5, 9, 

Curve Sketching Practice Part 2

2) IF we’re ready for it let’s go through this applications lesson together: 


filled in

3) Homework: Worksheet

Rational Functions Optional Assignment — Due by noon Wednesday April 15

Normally this would be the end of a unit and we’d have a test on...

 Rational Functions, Reciprocal Functions, Rational Functions, Solving Rational Equations, Curve Sketching (domain and range, behaviours, asymptotes) Solving Rational Inequalities

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