Week 2: MCR 3U


Work colaboratively on: Grade 10 review/Grade 11 diagnostic

Trig Review continues with sine law and cosine law

Sine law and Cosine law extra practice

Extra extra practie sheets (only print and do if you feel you need more practice):

Quadratics extra practice

Completing the square extra practice

Factoring extra practice

Trig Ratios Reviewed 

Take up Grade 10 review/Study for tomorrow’s assessment


Diagnostic Assessment


Function notation, domain and range

lesson filled in

Do pg. 12-13 #1-9, 11a)c)e), 13, 17, 18,19


Finish: pg. 12-13 #1-9, 11a)c)e), 13, 17, 18,19


More on intro to function and relations

Function notation worksheet (with answers at bottom)

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